Laguna Madre Field Station

Mission Statement:

The Laguna Madre Field Station (LMFS) provides a site and facilities for field training, education and research in coastal environmental and ecological studies. The mission of the LMFS is to increase, through field research and education, understanding of the Laguna Madre, adjacent bays, estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystems and to foster ecosystem stewardship through training, education, research and outreach.

In addition to campus facilities, the Center for Coastal Studies is responsible for the operation of the Laguna Madre Field Station, which belongs to the TAMU-CC College of Science and Engineering. The Laguna Madre Field Station was reconstructed through volunteer labor from faculty, students, and friends under the direction of Dr. Roy Lehman and Mr. Jerry Barnes. The facility is built on a dredge material island in the Laguna Madre near Intracoastal Waterway Marker 83 (about five miles south of the JFK Causeway), making it only accessible by boat. It has been leased since the mid-1970s from the Texas General Land Office under a unique Educational Facility Lease.

Faculty, undergraduate and graduate students for both research and educational endeavors have used the site. Graduate students have used the island and structure as headquarters while completing research in the surrounding Laguna Madre.

Over the years, the original structure became so weathered by the harsh coastal environment that repair was no longer an option and a new facility was needed. A proposal to the Texas General Land Office was submitted (summer 1999) and approved for the construction of a new structure along with plans for future expansion. The new building was constructed starting in the winter of 1999-2000 and is currently a complex (1,728 sq. ft.) of three main building with four rooms dedicated to the following: 1) a Classroom building with Meeting/Kitchen/Dining Room areas, 2) a Research/Teaching Laboratory, and 3) two Dormitories that can accommodate a total of 20 students/researchers. The LMFS has propane and electrical (generator & solar) utilities, a rainwater collection and freshwater storage system (2,500 gallons) with showers, and restrooms with two composting toilets.

The field station provides a staging area for prompt and frequent collection, environmental monitoring, and analysis of harmful algal blooms known to occur in the Laguna Madre. Research and analysis pertaining to chemical, physical, and biological effects of water quality and the prevention, reduction and elimination of pollution will be enhanced with the use of this facility.

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For permission to conduct research at the LMFS please download, complete, and submit form to CCS as indicated.

LMFS Rates:

No charge for day Field Trip use of the station.

Overnight Lodging Costs: Per person is $15/night – minimum 12 person charge ($180/night) which includes bottled drinking water and consumable kitchen supplies. Food supplied by individual users or through class field trip fees.

Laboratory Use Fee (added to the Lodging Fee):  $0-$26.75/day per student. This fee includes all laboratory supplies/consumables and lab supervisor/instructor and is dependent on the field trip and laboratory procedures planned for that trip.

Boat Use:  Transport to/from LMFS or for field trip use while at the LMFS is $160/day

For more information contact Aaron Baxter

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