Who We Are

The Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) conducts interdisciplinary aquatic research on basic and applied issues, ecological monitoring, and public education/outreach, and supports graduate-level education through these research grants and contracts. CCS scientists and students work on topics locally in the Texas Coastal Bend and beyond, with projects that also include the U.S. east coast and Great Lakes region. These scientists and students reflect a heritage of scientific endeavors that contribute significantly to our understanding of the marine and coastal environment. The CCS has grown significantly since its founding in 1984 and will continue to increase its professional staff, scope of activities, facilities, and influence throughout the twenty-first century, destined to be a premier marine science center located on the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Our Mission

To increase knowledge and understanding of the marine ecosystems, habitats, flora, fauna, and socioeconomics of the Texas coast and Gulf of Mexico through research and education.

Research Areas Include:

  • wetlands ecology, habitat restoration, creation, and enhancement
  • coastal habitat ecology and impacts
  • endangered species use of coastal habitats
  • benthic ecology
  • algal biofuel production of carbohydrates
  • production of VOC compounds by algae grown for biofuels
  • environmental physiology
  • oil spill impacts and habitat recovery
  • marine ecotoxicology

Laguna Madre Field Station

Artist in Residence Program

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Captains Log 06.13.19

….and on Thursday 06.13.19 Captain Jay spent the day with the folks from Rockport Adventure Camp exploring Aransas Bay by the looks of it. Busy but productive week Captain! Lots of smiling faces!

Captains Log 06.12.19

On 06.12.19 Captain Jay, Aaron Baxter, and Wade (everyone knows Wade) spent the day sampling way down south in the Land Cut but that evening Jay met up with the folks from the Camp Aranzazu Asthma Camp for a bit… Read more

Captains Log 06.11.19

Captain Jay was very busy last week. Tuesday 06.11.19 was spent with Linda Fuiman of UTMSI and the Inter-generational Roads Scholar program for Grandparents and their Grand kids! Looks like kayaking was the order of the day.

Texas Stream Training & CURE

Friday was a busy day for Erin Hill and Bobby Duke as they held a Texas Stream Team training class for the Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE). Thanks folks! You do a great job with these trainings and deserve a… Read more

Where in the world is Captain Jay?

Captain Jay was out and about with the Rockport Adventure Camp students and staff exploring around Tally Island and the old Estes Education and Research Station site (thanks Hurricane Harvey)!!! Hope to have the station up and running soon…paperwork, paperwork……the… Read more